Maintaining the features and structure of the former garage and repair car shop which this new space is located in, pepe cobo y cía offers contemporary artists an exciting framework and a challenge to create and exhibit new work.

Steering clear of the standard gallery set-up that has accustomed us to the impeccably smooth walls of the white cube, this new space puts its singularity and specificity at the service of the imagination and intelligence of visual artists working today.

pepe cobo y cía’s mission is to openly embrace all individual or collective expressions, vernaculars, techniques, disciplines and media.

Unprecedented in Madrid, and indeed in Spain, the new space premieres with an exhibition evocatively, and pointedly, titled: “Cambio de aceite” (“Oil change”).

The debut shows features works by Lara Almarcegui, Ibon Aranberri, Alejandra Freymann, Diango Hernández and MP & MP Rosado.